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Best Practice Procedures for Flexographic Plate Mounting l Video

Best Practice Procedures for Flexographic Plate Mounting from tesa.

Watch this short video from tesa tapes to find out how to get the most out of your flexographic tapes.

“The process uses flexible photopolymer plates with a backing layer, a light-sensitive relief layer, and a protective film coating. After a finishing process, the plates are mounted on a sleeve or print cylinder using a double sided plate mounting tape.”

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April 12th, 2018|

Sealey Tools – Spring Promotional Brochure 2018

Sealey Tools Spring Promotional Brochure

Take a look inside! Great savings, innovative products. The 56 page Spring Promotion includes over 625 deals. Take a look at the Storage Products on pages 24 to 26, Inverter Generators on page 8. Welding Helmets on page 44 and Hand Tools on pages 14 to 19, together with numerous other new products featured throughout the promotion.

March 22nd, 2018|

Lightweighting in the Automotive Industry


What is Lightweighting?

Lightweighting is also known as vehicle weight reduction. It is an enormous challenge for those working within the automotive industry.


Emissions Legislation

The primary focus of lightweighting within the automotive industry is to increase fuel economy, handling and to meet future emissions legislation.

Weight reduction has become an integral part of vehicle design. This is especially important as the government calls for lower carbon emissions and consumers are increasingly aware of their own responsibilities surrounding this issue.

Today, the European Union’s statutory requirements put pressure on automotive OEMs to reduce C02 emissions. Under the threat of heavy fines, automotive manufacturers need to reduce C02 emissions from 130 g/km to 95 g/km by 2020.


How can Vehicle Lightweighting be Achieved?

Automotive manufacturers are constantly looking to reassess materials used throughout their manufacturing processes to reduce weight without compromising on quality.

From a fixing and fastening prospective there are many solutions available that aid the lightweighting process.  Taking out mechanical fixings and assembling a vehicle with the use of adhesives  and high strength bonding tapes is one way to reduce weight.

Design and build lighter and more fuel-efficient vehicles with the help of our weight reduction solutions.


Leading brands such as 3M™ and tesa® offer a range of products  help reduce weight, applications can include –

  • Structural Adhesives – structural adhesives enable use of lighter weight materials in body, chassis, closures and seating areas.
  • Acrylic Foam Tapes – High performance tapes reduce or eliminate the need for mechanical fixtures. As well as this they are able to help achieve greater operational efficiency, weight reduction, cost savings, and product quality.
  • 3M™ Dual-Lock™ (re-closable blind fastening systems) – 3M™ Dual-Lock™ re-closable fasteners can replace conventional  mechanical fasteners in a wide range of assembly and attachment applications. They are primarily used to secure rigid surfaces such as  door panels, roof/headlining  and boot/bonnet panels.


If you are looking for solutions to aid the lightweighting process – why not talk to our team of experts? –

February 20th, 2018|

Spot Light on: Custom Printed Packaging Tapes


What benefits do custom printed tapes offer

Custom printed packaging tapes offer the ability to seal boxes and parcels securely whilst keeping costs within reasonable parameters compared to alternate options such as security seals and plastic tote boxes.

Depending on the design these products can actively promote your product or service, making locating a parcel easy in a busy warehouse or it can act as a security seal as the tape used can not be purchased elsewhere and boxes/parcels can not be repacked if interfered with prior to being delivered to the final destination without it being noticed. 


What types are available

There are two main tapes available which fit most applications as follows:

  • Self adhesive vinyl tape – Premium product, highest durability, super strength and excellent adhesion, best on recycled boxes, good cold temperature resistance. Slow, controlled unwind.
  • Low noise Poly tape with hot melt adhesive – Good all round performance properties, a lower cost option, the most popular choice for general packaging applications.


What can be printed

The base colour of a tape is either clear, white or buff, printed up to 3 colours we can match company logos, text, simple designs, reverse print and flood coat.


What is a reverse print

To print or display the opposite background and foreground colours. For example, a typical white page with black text would be reverse printed as white characters on a black background. This uses a lot of ink so there is an additional charge for reverse print.


What is a flood coat

Flood coat is when the base tape is printed (flooded) all over in a different colour ink to make the base tape a different colour. This again uses a lot of ink and so there is an additional charge for doing this. A clear tape printed all over to make a yellow tape would be an example of a flood coat tape. This tape can then be overprinted with text etc. to finalise the design.


Is there any additional costs?

The cost of custom printed tapes is higher than standard packaging tapes, but the benefits can outweigh the extra cost. Anti-tamper packaging tapes are also available but they can often be more expensive than printed tapes. For all new designs there is a one-off print stereo charge, the cost depends on the amount of colours being printed. Quantity discounts are often available.


Tape sizes available

Our standard designs are generally 50mm wide, but we can supply from 12mm wide to 100mm wide, in roll lengths of 66m, 132m, 660m and 990m (width dependant).


“Standard texts”

Standard texts are where our supplier already has a print stereo made, the tape is printed as and when required  in what colour is required. Therefore generally no print stereo charge is applicable. Prices charged are as per non standard custom design.


Over laminating tape

We can “over laminate” a tape to give it a higher strength/ abrasion resistance. We can also “perforate a tape”, this gives precise use/ repeatability. This can be used to make labels etc. To perforate a tape we would need to over laminate it first. These are all additional options, costs need to be checked before quoting.


Finally, a quick mention about our “Fragile tapes”

We offer a standard printed “Fragile” tape as part of our range.



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February 14th, 2018|

Faithfull Tools Catalogue – 2018/2019

Faithfull Tools Catalogue

Faithfull tools catalogue 2018/2019. Including a full range of tools such as cutting blades and discs, drilling, tapes and measures, screwdrivers, decorating, abrasives, woodworking, hammers, brushes and brooms, chains and storage, gardening, building, construction, plumbing, engineering, automotive and electrical products.

January 22nd, 2018|